We operate subsidiaries, joint venture companies, strategic partnerships, and private equity.


Oil & Gas Field Services

Oil & Gas is AMH's heritage industry and through the years we have maintained the operational knowledge and industry relationships that provide our partners with profitability through technical expertise and efficiency of operations. Alongside our functional experience in Oil & Gas Field Services, AMH actively advises international firms operating in the region. Considerable opportunities continue to exist for dynamic firms with niche expertise looking to serve all aspects of the Oil & Gas sector.


Defense & Security

AMH has diversified to serve the demand for global security across public and private sectors. To meet these challenges, AMH has invested in a robust and complementary portfolio of global best-in-class companies. These include joint ventures with defense and aerospace contractors, direct equity in technology manufacturers, and distribution platforms within the security domain. AMH maintains strategic partnerships with leading multinationals to bring the next generation of security solutions to the region. AMH is poised to assist innovative companies in developing customized solutions to the unique challenges of the Middle East region.



AMH is focused on creating new opportunities for the role that information technology plays in today’s connected business environment through integrated solutioning. Our ICT vertical includes an agent and strategic advisor relationship with a global leader, which delivers ICT solutions ranging from Cloud Services and Mobile Broadband to Network Design and Optimization. AMH also directly operates the Emirates and Al Maskari Holdings (EAMH) subsidiary to act as a main contractor when end users prefer direct engagement with a wholly owned Emirati entity.


Power Generation

Achieving a balanced portfolio of traditional and renewable generation sources is essential to meet long term global energy requirements. In the UAE, AMH leverages strategic working relationships with relevant authorities to enhance and provide value to our partners in the fields of electric utilities service, electricity transmission, distribution, and power storage. AMH is actively evaluating sustainable technologies including waste to energy, solar, and biomass by leveraging our sector experience in this dynamic field.



Changing weather patterns and record heat waves only amplify the requirements to protect and conserve the finite resources of our planet. As a historical Oil & Gas family, we feel a special responsibility to support solutions and technologies that deliver on the promise of sustainability for future generations. AMH acts as exclusive GCC distributor and global strategic partner for various clean/green tech solutions, including products delivering electricity demand mitigation, water conservation, and building efficiency. Market demand for regional sustainable products and solutions is currently outpacing the available supply of participating companies.

Company Representation-AMH

Company Representation & Management

Leveraging our global experience, AMH is well placed to provide company representation and management services to companies expanding in the region. As a strategic partner, AMH assists global multinationals to maneuver the legal and regulatory framework of the UAE and Middle East. Economic policies are being implemented across the GCC to ensure the sustainability of the public services delivered by the Governments and to encourage domestic manufacturing opportunities. The implications of these initiatives are an important component for properly positioning companies for local success.



In today’s globalized economy, maintaining an informational advantage is the determination of a successful business strategy. As a UAE company with global reach, international firms engage AMH to provide advisory services that inform operational decision making. We pride ourselves in providing unique, objective, and market driven insights to be a value added contributor to our partners. Doing business in the region is becoming increasingly complex and we remain an adaptive and committed partner towards success.

Financial Services-AMH

Financial Services

As a holding company, the strength of AMH is the management of money. A core function of AMH is to act as a Shari'ah compliant internal treasury that funds the various financial interests of the operating portfolio. Our unique operating structure and licensing also allows us to engage in Financial Advisory & Financial Analysis, Private Equity, and Industrial and Commercial Investments.


Real Estate Development

With operating holdings in real estate across Europe, GCC, and Southeast Asia, AMH is well positioned to take advantage of the requirements for property and infrastructure development within the UAE. Our strategic focus is through partnerships with Government designated developments and special purpose projects. AMH frequently acts as a conduit to engage the disparate set of stakeholders as a consortium, which collectively provide a positive impact on the development of our country.


Health Care

The Al Maskari Medical Center was the first private hospital established in 1969 at Bida Zayed in the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s Western Region to provide medical services to the oil fields. With a strong track record of establishing organizations with global standards to meet the health needs of local populations, AMH views the health care sector as a continuously evolving industry. Today’s efforts are aligned to respectfully managing aging populations, tackling medical issues endemic to the region, and developing advanced monitoring tools to ensure healthy lifestyles.