Al Maskari Holding (AMH) is the privately owned holding company of the Al Maskari portfolio and controls the family's operating subsidiaries, joint venture companies, strategic partnerships, and private equity.
Arab Heritage-AMH

Arab Heritage

AMH is proud of its heritage in serving the United Arab Emirates to develop its core infrastructure and diversify its economy to meet the evolving needs of today's global markets. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, AMH anchors the Al Maskari family's international portfolio by centralizing its shared services in one of the world's strategic crossroads of commerce and industry.   

Dynamic Growth-AMH


We believe in innovation for growth. Our business practices are community focused, with a deep concern for social responsibility and a proactive awareness for environmental protection. We believe it is our moral obligation to foster innovation and incubate entrepreneurship to create a sustainable platform for economic prosperity that engages the region's dynamic youth.

Global Reach-AMH


Al Maskari Holding is a proud member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and respected worldwide through its ability to create business value with global brands as well as regional interests. Based out of our nation's capital, Abu Dhabi, the network strength of AMH is managing our business lines to optimize opportunities for our partners in the long term.

Our Industries


Oil & Gas Field Services

AMH is focused on creating new opportunities for the role that information technology plays in today’s connected business ...


Defense & Security

AMH has diversified to serve the demand for global security across public and private sectors. To meet these challenges ...



AMH is focused on creating new opportunities for the role that information technology plays in today’s connected business ...



Power Generation

Achieving a balanced portfolio of traditional and renewable generation sources is essential to meet long term global energy ... 



Changing weather patterns and record heat waves only amplify the requirements to conserve the finite resources of Earth ...

Company Representation-AMH

Company Representation

Leveraging our global knowledge AMH is well placed to provide company representation and management services ...

The Heritage of Al Maskari Holding

AMH History

Established in 1968 as Al Maskaria Establishment under the leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Azza Bint Saif Al Maskari, the matriarch of the Al Maskari family of Abu Dhabi.

AMH Values

The driving force of all AMH companies and operations is a passionate upholding of the family name and values of integrity, trust, fairness, humility, and respect.

AMH Vision

Whatever the field, the family members are committed to ensure excellence.